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Hello from Steve Houtwed

I know, giving my name on a web page…    Well, I have worked as a farmer, electrician and in the irrigation business for the last 30 years. I know, kind of dates me and especially could make me feel awkward building web pages at this stage in my life but I am always interested in trying something new. Some people have collected certain things in their life; I have always collected extension cords. I know, sounds weird but true, just ask one of my daughters and they will tell that when asked what I want for Christmas I always say “get me a cord”.  I came across these heavy duty blue cords and because I liked them so much I decided that they would be a good thing to put on a web page and try to sell them. Why not sell something that I have purchased, used and liked? How many times have you went to unplug your engine block heater on a tractor or pickup and when you went to move the cord out of the way the jacket on the cord “cracked” like an icicle on your front porch? Try to roll one of these things up, not possible!!! I have held one of these old “stiffs” and had it go straight out six feet from my hand!!! How about this one, you are moving with a power tool and the cord comes unplugged because it stays in the “loups” when you try to lay it out? These conditions will not happen when you purchase a polar cord. I have found blue polar cords are flexible even at extremely cold temperatures. Specifications for the cords are below.    Don’t forget to watch the Dodge Superbowl ad that is available on the “slider” pictures on my home page.

Premier Arctic Grade WireArctic Flex Cable Nebraska

Polar Wire is the exclusive manufacturer of Arctic UltraFlex Blue™, a revolutionary ultra-flexible wire rated for and proven to work in extreme temperature ranges and harsh environments.

Our wire combines finely-stranded copper construction with a tough, abrasion-resistant jacket that stands up to oil, gasoline, sunlight, salt water, acids, and chemicals. Arctic UltraFlex Blue™ can be used in most 600v applications.


Arctic UltraFlex Blue™ is the premier Arctic grade wire rated and proven to work in extreme temperature ranges of -55°C to 105°C. This highly flexible wire combines finely stranded copper construction with a jacket material that resists the abuses of oil, gasoline, sunlight, salt water, acids, and chemicals.

Arctic UltraFlex Blue™ has high abrasion resistance and can be used in most 600 volt applications. UL listed as AWM (Appliance Wiring


Arctic UltraFlex Blue™ is available in a multitude of primary colors, gauges, and


configurations, and custom colors and striping are available on request (minimums may apply).

Arctic UltraFlex Blue™ has numerous applications, including those approved under NEC article 400 and associated articles.

Arctic Ultraflex Blue-Wire

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